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Senior CompuCare is a company dedicated to the enlightenment of senior citizens enabling them to become more comfortable and knowledgeable in the usage of the latest in computer technology for their convenience and personal enjoyment.

As a Desert Storm United States Air Force Veteran, when Didier decided to embark on starting “Senior CompuCare” some six years ago, it was to be a veteran owned/operated business with a mission to help seniors learn day-to-day technology in the comfort of their own environment. That he accomplished.

As time has passed, Didier saw there was another great need – an opportunity to help fellow veterans in their transitioning from military to civilian life. Veterans needed to learn the same day-to-day technology, but as a means for being better equipped to enter the civilian workforce. Senior CompuCare’s mission as a company was evolving.

Didier created a new division, “”, with its mission to emphasize working with veterans, designed to help veterans and veteran organizations – to train veterans and veterans with various types of cognitive, physical and sensory disabilities in their specific needs. This specialized training design would allow disabled veterans to acquire skills to access and manage information consistent with their individual goals. This too he accomplished.

Today, Senior CompuCare provides its unique method of technology training and related services for businesses, organizations and youth; and has expanded into a nationwide company, offering licensing opportunities.  Didier is a U.S. Air Force Veteran, honorably discharged after serving our country in the Gulf War. He successfully graduated from Hawaii Pacific University with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Administration / Marketing and an M.B.A. in International Business

Sr. Vice President Operations & Licensing

Shirley’s specific skills include development and administration of “paperless” office programs and PC user training (i.e., Internet, industry specific and mainstream software programs & board installations, troubleshooting and support, both individual one-on-one and remote).

As an independent promotional advertising distributor and graphic designer, she specializes in providing corporate, non-profit organizations, government both promotional, apparel and industry specific vector graphics. She is a licensed Advertising Specialty Institute (or ASI) member, which is the largest media marketing organization serving the advertising specialty (promotional) industry.

Over the course of her 30 years of professional business experience, her foundation in computers, software, training and management was built based upon solid practical applications. Included in this foundation was the experience working with the FDIC/RTC/SECO; in the community news industry; working with one of Florida’s first major timeshare corporations – Captran Resorts International/Franchise development; and in a multi-national corporate environment, domestically. During all these experiences, she worked closely with not only management, but with her coworkers. She believes her success in business can be attributed to “listening”. Listening to what’s really needed of her, both from those she represent and those she is serving, and then accomplishing the task to the satisfaction of all, including herself.

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Senior Training Consultant

Karen Smith’s strategic focus, vision, and mature judgment gained from a successful military career is an integral part of what makes her a highly regarded technology training professional.

A retired USAF Veteran with over 15 years in technology training and development, she holds a Masters of Education with a specialty in Adult Education and Training as well as a Microsoft Certified Applications Specialist certification.  Her resume includes service with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/National Marine Fishery Service as a Vessel Monitoring Enforcement Technician and Florida Department of Transportation as a Desktop Support Technician.

Her specialty is training person’s aged 60+ and disabled veterans utilizing assisted technology devices.  With formal training in English Education and Information Technology Management, Karen is adept in conducting technology training needs assessments by collecting information pertaining to individual client needs and creating customized training plans in software applications, personal computer use and other digital technologies; designing technology training manuals and evaluating training effectiveness.

Her exceptional training ability is attributed to her absolute orientation towards understanding individual client needs and a great affection for the task at hand. 

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Licensed Owner - DALLAS, TEXAS 
Senior Training Consultant

Kevin Brown, Owner of Senior CompuCare-North Texas, has over 25 years of experience in electronics and computer technology and is a DeVry University graduate. He has worked for major aerospace, telecommunication and healthcare companies, which gives him a broad spectrum of computer and networking knowledge. 

His experience includes that of working with Microsoft, Linux and Unix Operating Systems and Applications.
Kevin is proficient in troubleshooting, diagnostics and repair of computers and networks; and he also enjoys helping others to understand today’s growing technologies. And in his spare time, Kevin enjoys woodworking, fishing and spoiling his grandkids.

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Senior Training Consultant

Ryan Liban, Owner of Senior CompuCare-Southeastern WI, has over 15 years experience working as an art director/graphic designer for some of the top casino companies in the world. Also, over the years Ryan has amassed a breath of knowledge in technology and computers, customer service, sales, and support experience from self-education, on-the-job training and his work experience at Best Buy. 

Because of his knowledge and expertise, Ryan is the go-to person in his professional and personal life for assistance with computer troubleshooting, new purchases, and help with most any new gadget. After many calls from his grandparents, aunts, and parent’s friends, Ryan realized a need in the community for affordable and accessible technology training services, especially for senior citizens. This lead Ryan to opening Senior CompuCare-Southeastern WI.

Ryan has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Communication Design. He loves helping people, is patient, compassionate, loves technology, and wants to help whomever he can to make their lives better by being able to take advantage of current technology.

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Senior Training Consultant

Mel Bynum, owner of Senior CompuCare – Suncoast, is an experienced Technologist, Service Representative, Classroom Instructor, Project Manager and Program Manager.

Mel retired honorably from IBM in New York after 31 years of service where his corporate experience and expertise
evolved to helping small business in his area by providing consulting service and tutoring for employees and customers. As a resident of Citrus County, Florida Mel enjoys golf, fishing, home care and helping others, including volunteerism in his community, at the Homosassa Public Library.

Mel’s focus with Senior CompuCare – Suncoast is to help Seniors, Veterans and Youth whenever needed.  

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 Senior Training Consultant  

Christina Hoffman, owner of Senior CompuCare–Central Maryland, has over 15 years’ experience as a Program Manager for an international certification program.

Christina provided database development/management services to a Fortune 150 utility for which she wrote training manuals and conducted training sessions both in person and online.

She is well versed in Microsoft operating systems and Microsoft Office products. Over the years she has had experience with a diverse group of industry-specific software catering to banking, title insurance underwriters, attorneys, real estate professionals and psychometricians.

Christina is known as the go-to person when others need help setting up or troubleshooting their PCs, iPads, laptops, home networks, smart phones, e-readers, cameras and other digital technology. She is well versed with various forms of social media such as facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Snapchat.

For Christina, discovering the incredible possibilities brought by today’s technology is one of her greatest passions, thus her joining Senior CompuCare. 

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Lisa Harrell 
Senior Training Consultant

Lisa Harrell joins Senior CompuCare as a military veteran of 30 years, with specialized knowledge in information technology management, human resource management and project Management. 

She holds MBA’s in Information Technology and Human Resource Management as well as A+ and Network+ certifications.

Upon retiring from the military, Lisa began searching for the right business to utilize her wealth of knowledge. She knew seniors needed help with learning technology – how veterans and businesses did too.

Lisa was looking for a business where she could share her knowledge of technology through teaching and diagnostic and repair services. Lisa’s research lead her to Senior CompuCare – it was the perfect fit. A business model that thinks outside the box and one that comes to the client; and where her life experience has a place of respect, while helping others to learn technology.

For Lisa, the choice was clear; Senior CompuCare-South Central Texas was born.

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Licensed Owner – PALM BEACH, FLORIDA 
Senior Training Consultant

James Baptiste, owner of Senior CompuCare-Palm Beach County, has over 18 years of exceptional experience, delivering best in class training both in Canada and the United States of America in Microsoft Office Suites 97-2013, and many other software applications, such as InfoPath, SharePoint end user training, Crystal Reports XI and many other applications. His certifications include: Certified Microsoft Office Specialist in in Word-PowerPoint-Outlook and Excel, with MS Office Specialist Excel 2013 Expert Designation; Certified Instructor, ITIL v3 Foundation; and HDI Certified Support Center Analyst.

James has conducted training sessions for virtually all sectors of the market place, including the Private Sector, Public Sector, small/medium, fortune 500 organizations and within the Pharmaceutical industry. He is well experienced in delivering training both online and/or onsite to meet the needs of individuals and large seminars. Other services provided include: Microsoft Server 2008 administration; setting up desktops and related software installation, upgrading, planning, coordinating new version software rollouts and related staff training. Also, he has created Microsoft Access databases; automated workflows using Excel; and has several years’ experience as a Tier 2 Microsoft Office Specialist/Helpdesk Analyst, supporting End Users for Microsoft Office Applications.

As a dedicated and highly motivated instructor, James considers himself to have a passion for helping users get comfortable with today’s growing technologies; and he believes his greatest strength is taking the complicated and making it simple. His philosophy for learning and development is that it should be informative, engaging, memorable, entertaining and fun, but above all, effective.

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​Barbara Alston
Licensed Owner – Prince George's & Calvert County, MD
Senior Training Consultant

Barbara Alston is a dedicated, energetic, and highly motivated individual who places great value in commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer service. To Senior CompuCare-Maryland By The Bay, Barbara brings an entire lifetime of experience in Information Systems. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Systems – Networking from Strayer University.

Having been an instructor at one point in her career, Barbara’s eagerness to share her enormous wealth of knowledge is her strong point when it comes to working with her Senior CompuCare clients. Her many skills include Microsoft Operating Systems, Microsoft Office products, Backup and System Recovery software, virtualization, website support, hardware maintenance, home networks and security.

Barbara is passionate that her teaming up with Senior CompuCare allows her the greatest opportunity to ensure Senior CompuCare-Maryland By The Bay’s senior community is properly prepared to finally enjoy their computing experience. And, knowledgably they have taken positive steps to protect themselves against compromise.

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