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Senior CompuCare Licensed Locations are perfect for self motivated and hard-working people who enjoy working with seniors,veterans and everyone.

We provide a tested, result-oriented business system in the adult education sector – better known as “Baby Boomers”. We have created a delivery model, with very little competition. And, we are seeking prospective Licensed Location Business owners and Instructors in your area! 


Here is what Licensee Mel Bynum of Senior CompuCare – SunCoast has to say:

“I am so pleased to have become part of the Senior CompuCare family. From the first time I met you and the team, I was convinced that I had made an incredible connection. The last time I felt a similar connection I was working with my team and with customers at IBM solving problems and closing skill gaps by implementing a variety education and training solutions. For my whole adult life, I’ve been helping customers solve issues. From working my way through school as an auto mechanic to repairing and servicing IBM Office products (typewriters, copiers and dictation equipment), to implementing and maintaining PCs for IBM HQ, to teaching computer classes to IBM employees. My experiences and conversations with you has taken me back to much of my 31 years with IBM where I worked many assigments with good highly skilled people looking to solve problems and build solutions for their customers. I sense the same dedication and professionalism with Senior CompuCare.”

“I am very excited about making use of past and new experiences to help clients here in Citrus County……” “Your Train the Trainer program, Marketing, and Operational processes are all keys to success and are well thought out and very professional.”

“The Senior CompuCare team of Executives, Licensed Owners, Technical experts and instructors are truly the best of the best. Thank you for allowing me to be part of something big.”

Best Regards,



Here is what Licensee James Baptiste of Senior CompuCare – Palm Beach County has to say:

“My wife and I moved to South Florida from Toronto Canada to enjoy the year round beautiful weather. But of course, I still had to find a job. Having had over 18 years experience delivering best in class training both in Canada and in the US in Microsoft Office Suites 97 through 2016, as well as many other software applications, I began to seek employment on a contract basis in the computer training industry.

While researching Computer Training companies in my county on the Internet, I came across Senior CompuCare and gave them a call, seeking to become one of their contract instructors. I was fortunate to have been connected to Senior CompuCare founder Didier Nicholas. From that first meeting on the phone, I felt a positive connection with Didier. I will always remember Didier saying to me, “James, instead of trying to find a job, why not become your own boss.” I thought about what he said for a couple days, then called back; and, “the rest is history”, as they say.

Now, I am a licensed owner of Senior CompuCare-Palm Beach County and have recently celebrated one year in business. I am seeing some excellent growth and beginning to reap benefits of Senior CompuCare’s corporate branding, as users search for senior computer training companies online.

Senior CompuCare’s Executive Team and Licensed Owners have all contributed to the success I have achieved so far. I am very excited about the future, and continue to look forward to helping clients here in the Palm Beach County area.

James Baptiste
Senior CompuCare – Palm Beach County

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